claire. 17. SF(ish).

me and my stuff
sounds to hear


i’m the best female skateboarder in town and i’ll fight anyone who begs to differ. i don’t have no money to waste on a skateboard, so i take one from whoever i want, when i want. 


i’m the kind of girl buses splash with rain.


i think you’re kute 
i’ll keep you in the cellar 
show you to the children 
kill me after dinner 
you’re alright 
you look like someone i could bury 
in the garden 
cover you in diamonds 
when i die 
and when i die 
i’ll dig you up 
i’ll tear out all your feathers 
cook you in the oven 
burn myself 
what is mommy cookin 
she looks like a baby 
you love me 
do you love me 
you wanna die 
you really wanna see us laughin 
at your body 
floating down the river 
baby you’re pathetic 
you are god 
you are god

someone take me to beach goth

the drummer from mozes & the firstborn looks like john robinson in 2005 


Thee Oh Sees - Minotaur

Men get sick at their work each and every day
There ain’t no cure but to stay,
stay home today, go to the beach instead.
And the dreams in their heads
Cannot be found in the maze, or so they say.